Augusta Walks

Old Ellis St jetty is a wonderful place to start this iconic walk, park under the peppies and head south, once you are on the river boardwalk There is a high probability of seeing Pelicans and Cormorants or the resident pod of Dolphins as you walk south towards the Colour patch.

From the Old Town Jetty you start to walk south through the peppies and over the bridge. You are welcome to take your dog out walking on the path. A lead is essential.

Through the paperbark trees where you might like to sit and admire for a while. Keep an eye out for the wildlife as you continue south along the path.

The boardwalk is right over the water and you have a full view up and down the river. There is a little exercise area if you are feeling like it.

Maybe some fishing another day if so inclined.

Or there is plenty to search for around the rocks. A common play ground for the children among the rocks.

Past the Colour Patch or you might decide to have a refreshing drink before you continue

After walking along the path through the caravan park you reach Flinders Bay. This area is wonderful to swim and snorkel. And a very safe beach for young children

You go past Storm Bay and the Augusta Harbour is now in sight

And over the hill and along the path and you finally reach the Augusta Harbour